[VIDEO] 8-Year-Old Girl Tries To Stop 4 Armed Men From Robbing Her Granddad

Not all heroes wear capes!

Cover image via Bhing Minia/Facebook

In a residential area in Cavite, Philippines, an eight-year-old girl proved that age does not determine bravery

Image via Next Shark

In footage caught by a neighbourhood surveillance camera, four thieves can be seen robbing a man at gunpoint in General Trias.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook with over 1.1 million views at the time of writing.

While the robbers were fleeing the scene after stealing from the victim, his granddaughter quickly sprung into action to stop them

The girl, who was playing on the street, chased the four men and snatched a bag filled with money that they had stolen from her grandfather.

However, she fell down during the struggle and the robbers took the bag back.

When she continued to pursue the thieves to retrieve her grandfather's belongings, the girl was run over by one of their motorcycles as the men rode away.

She is now being treated at a hospital for a head injury, GMA News reported.

The eight-year-old later told local reporters that she only wanted to help her grandfather as he "worked hard for their money"

"But some people would just take it away," she said.

"She was adamant in chasing the thieves and really fought them bravely," added her grandmother.

According to NextShark, local authorities in General Trias investigating the incident believe that the robbers had stalked their target before the heist.

Watch the full video of the surveillance footage here:

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