[PHOTOS] Malaysians Are Pretending To Fall On The Floor In Latest Viral Challenge

Started from the bottom now we... still at the bottom.

Cover image via Penang Viral/Facebook

First, there was the Keke Challenge. Now this.

In the latest episode of bizarre Internet things, we bring you the 'Falling Stars Challenge' – where netizens share their best fake fall on social media.

It looks something like this:

The rules are simple.

Pick an interesting background and pretend to lie on the ground as if you've just fallen down. Then, snap a picture and post it online.

The challenge was originally started by Russians and became particularly popular among the wealthy class.

Image via You Car Guy

Some of the more typical photos seen are of people looking like they have fallen out of a sports car or private jet scattering their valuables onto the ground.

Since then, Malaysians have also started doing the challenge, while adding their own spin to it

Some even seemed to have performed the challenge at work

A good stress relief, perhaps?

At this point, we gotta say that we're getting a tad bit floored by how far this challenge has gone

This picture wasn't taken in Malaysia. But it was too good to exclude from the list.

ROFL. Literally.

But in all seriousness though... this little guy wins. Hands Paws down.

Meanwhile, watch this classroom go nuts when their Math tutor drew a perfect circle with one swipe:

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