M'sian Cleaner In Singapore Gets 18 Years' Jail For Sexually Assaulting An 8-Year-Old Girl

She was assaulted over a period of three months.

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A Malaysian cleaner who sexually assaulted an eight-year-old Singaporean girl was sentenced to 18 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane yesterday, 7 August

Sin Chew Daily reported 45-year-old Arshad Dullah as having assaulted the girl nine times over the course of three months in 2017. 

Prior to his conviction, Arshad had been a tenant in the victim's family home, a four-bedroom Housing Development Board (HDB) flat since 2012.

Singapore's Housing Development Board flat

Image via Asia Times

Arshad started with giving the girl gifts before sexually violating her

According to The Straits Times, Arshad had given the girl folded paper boats, paper aeroplanes, food, and pens prior to assaulting her. He moved on to massaging her limbs and shoulders, but the girl never told her mother about the physical contact.

Arshad went on to violate the girl on multiple occasions when she was alone in the living room or in the kitchen.

The girl's father usually remained in the family's bedroom as he is undergoing dialysis.

The atrocious acts came to light after the girl told her mother that she believed Arshad liked her "a lot". Arshad was kicked out the next day, and a police report was lodged against him.

Arshad claimed that he violated the girl to use her vaginal secretion for a 'love potion' because he was being bullied at work

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Sin Chew Daily reported Arshad as saying that he had said prayers while mixing the girl's vaginal secretion with perfume for the 'love potion'. 

The 'love potion' would have been used to make himself more likeable to people around him in order to stop being bullied at work.

After his acts were discovered, Arshad had thrown the bottles away.

Meanwhile, sexual abuse against children remains rife in Malaysia:

We need to better protect our children from sexual crimes. Here are a few ways to do it:

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