6 Teenage Boys Had Sex With A 13-Year-Old Malaccan Girl They Met On WeChat

Police have detained the 6 boys to assist investigations into rape.

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What's with Malacca and reports of underage kids indulging in sexual activities, not with one or two but with several 'partners'?

In October last year, a 15-year-old girl, who was caught by her mother, admitted to having had sex with 8 different boys from her class in the empty classroom, in her house, and in an empty shack near her place since May 2015, FMT had reported.

And now, The Star Online is reporting how a group of 7 underage individuals, 6 boys and 1 girl, engaged in orgies for months at various locations in Bukit Katil, Malacca.

The girl is said to be just 13. While the boys are all between 15 to 17.

Malacca CID Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Kamaluddin Kassim told The Star Online that the girl had met all the 6 boys on WeChat and invited them to have sex.

The underage sex party was brought to its end after the girl's elder brother lodged a report, leading to the arrest of the 6 boys, 5 of whom are students and one is a dropout.

It wasn't reported whether or not the police have sent the girl for medical examination.

The girl had no family or financial issues, but is said to have had been involved in wild parties since she was 12, Kamaluddin said

The gang's latest sexcapade in an abandoned storeroom was reportedly recorded and shared online. In a note accompanying the video, the 13-year-old girl wrote that they had a meal at a fast food restaurant before going for a joyride on motorcycles.

They then engaged in orgies. The girl's brother, who found out about the group chat, lodged a police report on Wednesday.

Apart from the 6 boys, the police are currently on the hunt for three more boys, with whom the 13-year-old girl claims to have had sex

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Back in April this year, PAS MP Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad had claimed that if child marriages are banned in Malaysia, "lustful girls" would seek premarital casual sex: