A 14-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Having 'Consensual' Sex With Different Boys Since Form One

Police have arrested a total of 13 boys in connection with the case.

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In midst of all the news coverage about convicted serial rapist Selva Kumar's return back to Malaysia, a highly disturbing piece of news about a teen girl has come up

According to a report in The Star Online today, 11 February, a secondary school student was reportedly having 'consensual' sexual relations with several boys.

The report claims that the girl, who is from Malacca, confessed to having sex with multiple boys in school, at her home and other locations since last year.

Currently, a Form Two student, she was outed by one of her male classmates who revealed about her sexual relations to their school's counselling teacher.

Following which, on Wednesday, the 14-year-old was interrogated by the teacher.

"During the session, the girl admitted to having sex with different guys since Form One at various locations in the school – in the classrooms, below the staircase, prayer room – as well as at abandoned houses and even her own home," reads The Star Online report by R.S.N. Murali.

Although, this disturbing case is not first of its kind

It appears Malacca has a problem that somehow is not being addressed properly.

There have been multiple reports about underage kids indulging in sexual activities, not with one or two but with several 'partners'.

In October 2015, a 15-year-old girl, who was caught by her mother, had admitted to having had sex with eight different boys from her class in the empty classroom, in her house, and in an empty shack near her place since.

Then in August last year, a group of seven underage individuals, six boys and one girl, engaged in orgies for months at various locations in Bukit Katil, Malacca.

And in October, a 13-year-old Form One girl was sexually assaulted by two senior students within the school compound in Jasin near Melaka.

Regarding the Form Two girl, who apparently confessed to her teacher, The Star Online report said that the sexual acts were consensual and the girl never asked for money for sex

According to Malacca CID Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner, Kamaluddin Kassim, the 14-year-old girl was transferred to her current school in Ayer Keroh in June last year because of disciplinary problems. He told The Star Online that the girl also confessed to sleeping with outsiders and schoolboys from two other secondary schools.

"The teacher got more information about her year-long sexual escapades before accompanying her to lodge a police report," The Star Online quoted him as saying.

"The girl has been sent for a medical test at Malacca Hospital. She will be recommended to go for a psychiatric evaluation. We will complete the investigation paper before submitting it to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for further action," he added.

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Following the report lodged by the teacher, the Malacca police arrested 11 schoolboys, aged between 13 and 16, from three schools and another two suspects aged 21

ACP Kamaluddin said the suspects will be investigated, under Section 376(1) and Section 377B of the Penal Code, for rape and committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature.

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