A 20-Year-Old Woman Lost Her Sight For A Couple Of Hours After Getting Fake Eyelashes

Her beautician had attached the lashes using nail glue!

Cover image via Megan Rixson

This is a cautionary tale for people looking to get fake eyelashes!

Meet Megan Rixson, a 20-year-old student at the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Image via Megan Rixson

Megan recently got her lashes done at a local salon in Luton, Bedfordshire.

A hugely popular trend among women, Megan's attempt at getting the eyelash extensions, however, went horribly wrong. She ended up with her face swollen and red.

According to a video Megan posted to warn others, she felt her eyes "burning" and were streaming with tears, but the staff insisted that it was a "normal" reaction.

Megan after her eyelash extensions procedure.

Image via Megan Rixson

In a video posted on her Twitter profile, Megan reveals how the beautician at the salon used nail glue instead of eyelash glue

The nail glue caused the 20-year-old student to lose her "sight for two hours".

"Girls be very, very careful where you get your eyelashes done!

"I got my individuals done today somewhere new and it turns out they used nail glue on my lashes. I genuinely lost my sight for two hours. Thankfully the swelling has gone down, but they're still very sore. Be careful," Megan says in the 21-second long video.

The beautician had not done a patch test and she also did not apply tape on Megan's bottom lid to protect her eye from the glue

Warning others, Megan was quoted by Daily Mail as saying that her "first bit of advice would be to make sure you always carry out a glue test.

"And second of all ask the beautician what glue they use, ask to see it and definitely read up on it online, no pretty long eyelashes are worth your eyesight."

Megan video prompted other women to share their experiences:

Back in August, a beauty salon in Phuket, Thailand, had decided to use super glue on a woman's fake eyelashes:

And a couple of days back, a taxi driver was seen wearing a face mask while driving his cab in eastern China:

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