Thai Beautician Rescues Woman After Her Fake Eyelashes Were Stuck On With Super Glue

The woman's eyes became swollen and were too painful to open.

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Super glue is usually used for arts and crafts or to repair small items

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As certain toxic chemicals are found in the glue, infections and skin irritation make it unsafe for applying onto human skin.

However, a beauty salon in Phuket, Thailand, decided to use super glue on a woman's fake eyelashes instead

A video posted by Fara Beautysalon on 4 August showed the woman lying down for a tear-inducing eyelash removal procedure.

Fara, the beautician, said that the client went to her salon for help to remove her fake lashes on Friday, 3 August.

Much to her horror, Fara discovered that the previous beautician had used super glue instead of cosmetic adhesives to attach fake eyelash extensions onto the client's eyelids

Sanook reported that the woman's eyes swelled up from the glue usage and became too painful to open them.

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Image from Fara Beautysalon
Image via Fara Beautysalon

Fara said that it was by far the most difficult case she had ever encountered in her 10 years of working as a beautician

To solve the problem, she used a certain liquid to soften the glue and a steel cuticle pusher to gently remove each lash one-by-one.

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In the Facebook post, Fara urged the public to always do research before picking a salon to prevent cases like this from happening again

The location where the woman had her lash extensions initially done remains unclear.

The lashes that were removed on a tissue.

Image via Fara Beautysalon

The video that was uploaded on social media garnered over 6,000 shares since 4 August.

Watch the video clip of the lash removal process below:

Posted by Fara Beautysalon on Friday, August 3, 2018

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