KL Couple Gets Beaten Up By Their Neighbour Because Their Gate "Touched" His Tent Pole

A video clip of the incident went viral on social media with over 29,000 shares.

Cover image via May Yym/Facebook

Two residents were recently beaten up by their neighbour when their gate accidentally "crashed" into his tent pole next door

A CCTV clip dated 5 August captured a woman opening her house gate as a man reversed his car into a residence in Taman Sinar, Kuala Lumpur. 

When she opened the gate, one side "knocked" a tent pole outside her neighbour's house

It was clear in the video that the woman then tried to pull the gate away slightly so that it would not touch the pole after the neighbour came out to yell at her.

However, the wind kept causing both sides of the gate to close, preventing the driver from reversing his car into the house.

In a matter of seconds, the neighbour came out of his house compound and started shouting at her while slamming her gate angrily

Ironically, as he slammed it, the gate also "crashed" into his tent pole.

The driver, who looks like a man in his mid 50s, was then seen coming out of his car to appease the situation as the neighbour continued to throw a fit in front of their house. 

Things got worse when the neighbour slapped the driver, causing a fight to break out between the two

Relatives of the neighbour were seen immediately running out of the house to pull the enraged man away from the couple. 

CCTV footage of the incident went viral with over 29,000 shares since it was uploaded on social media on 10 August.

You can watch the video below:

In another recent argument that ensued, a man was seen pulling out his pistol at a mall in Bandar Utama:

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