A 23-Year-Old Was Beaten To Death At A Mosque Because Neighbours Thought He Was A Thief

The footage of the beating has since gone viral online.

Cover image via Tribun News & Twitter/Coconuts Jakarta

Police have arrested 10 suspects for the murder of a 23-year-old college student at a mosque in Gowa, Indonesia

Image via Tribun News

On Monday, 17 December, Muhammad Khaidir wanted to pray at a neighbourhood mosque when he found that its door was locked, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

He then knocked on the door of the house next door which belonged to a tailor. Thinking that Khaidir was a thief, the tailor snuck out through his back door to warn the mosque's caretaker.

Using the mosque's loudspeaker, the caretaker made an announcement warning neighbours that there was a thief lurking.

Unaware that it was about him, Khaidir proceeded back to the mosque to pray.

When the 23-year-old arrived at the mosque, a mob of locals were waiting for him with sharp and blunt objects in hand.

Gowa Police Chief Shinto Silitonga told Detik Today that, "The cry [over the mosque loudspeaker] was that there was a thief, but nothing was stolen. This was what triggered the locals to commit this violent action."

The mob beat Khaidir to death inside the mosque, while someone filmed the attack.

Footage of the beating has since gone viral online.

According to the police, Khaidir died from the numerous fatal injuries he sustained during the beating, which included gash wounds from a machete.

Image via Sinar Harian

The 49-year-old tailor and 47-year-old mosque caretaker are two of the 10 suspects who have since been arrested. Police have confirmed that it is possible that more will be arrested soon.

All of the suspects, except for an 18-year-old boy, are reportedly still in police custody and may face at least 12 years in prison for murderCoconuts Jakarta reported.

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