Man Who Punched And Spat On Rapid Penang Bus Driver Was Let Go After Being Fined RM1,000

He was facing up to a year in prison.

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Lee Chee Wee, the 46-year-old assailant who was caught on video breaking into a Rapid Penang Bus and assaulting the bus driver, was let go after being fined RM1,000 by a George Town Magistrate

Magistrate Rosnee Mohd Radzuan imposed the fine on Lee, who is a cashier by profession, pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to the 43-year-old bus driver.

Lee, who was representing himself, asked the Magistrate for leniency, saying he earned only RM1,600 a month and that he looked after his elderly parents.

He was facing a sentence of up to a year in prison along with a fine of up to RM2,000 for the offence under Section 323 of the Penal Code.

The attacker.

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On 14 December, at around 7.30pm, Lee shoved his way onto the Rapid Penang Bus and punched and spat at the driver after his refusal to pick him up at a traffic light, a non-designated spot

When the driver refused to let Lee board the bus, he pried open the door.

"He then rushed to the bus driver and spat at and punched his face, and threatened to hurt him further," ACP Che Zaimani was quoted as saying by NST Online.

Before things could escalate any further, several passengers onboard the bus broke up the fight between the man and the driver, who showed his quick-thinking ability by closing and locking the passenger door to prevent the attacker from disembarking.

He then contacted authorities and drove to the Rapid Penang bus depot in Weld Quay.

The Rapid Penang Bus driver.

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The video of the incident:

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