38-Year-Old Transgender Woman Was Strangled To Death In Taiping By Her Boyfriend

They were together for 5 years.

Cover image via Ihsan Pembaca/Harian Metro/NSTP

Police in Taiping has arrested a 27-year-old man over the murder of a 38-year-old trans woman whom he strangled to death yesterday

According to Harian Metro, which quoted Taiping District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Mohamad Taib, the victim was found dead in a rented room on the fourth floor of a premise at Jalan Panggung following a fight with the suspect.

The incident was discovered by a 35-year-old next-door neighbour, who woke up from his sleep after he heard loud noises outside his room, ACP Mohamad Taib said.

"When the neighbour came out of his room, he saw the suspect suffocating the neck of the victim. After he broke up the fight, the victim appeared short of breath and fell unconscious," Harian Metro quoted ACP Taib as saying, who added that by the time an ambulance had arrived, the unconscious victim was pronounced dead.

The suspect and the victim were together for 5 years

According to postings on social media, the case is not believed to be a hate crime.

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the suspect and the victim, who was said to be a Chinese trans woman from Sarawak, were having a quarrel over their financial problems

They also suspect it to be a case of jealousy, reported the Malay daily, adding that the victim was "believed to have links with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexuals".

The unemployed suspect is detained at the Taiping District Police Headquarters lock-up and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Image via Kosmo Online

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