A Chinese Man Tortured A Kangaroo To Death By Cutting Off His Legs And Slitting Its Throat

A video showing the man slashing the animal has gone viral on social media.

Cover image via SCMP

A 43-year-old Chinese national who has been living in Melbourne was arrested on Wednesday, 30 August, by Australian authorities after a video showing him repeatedly slashing at a kangaroo's throat went viral on social media

Authorities in the state of Victoria charged the man, who is an antique dealer from Shenyang in northeastern Liaoning province, with destroying protected wildlife.

The kangaroo he killed was an Eastern Grey kangaroo, a protected species.

Image via SCMP

An investigation into the abhorrent crime was launched after the man himself had posted the grisly footage on a US hunting website, which was then widely circulated around

The footage showed him holding a wounded kangaroo by the tail with his left hand and bludgeoning it to death with a hunting knife held in his right hand.

The kangaroo snarls at the man and tries to get free but eventually goes limp as the man slashes its neck a total of 19 times.

While he was killing the kangaroo, the Chinese man could be heard saying in Mandarin to the kangaroo, "What’s up? Recognise me?

"Just face it, that’s your fate. Let me finish this as quickly as I can."

The person filming the whole thing can be heard laughing while the Chinese man could be seen sitting next to the kangaroo's lifeless body proudly showing off his kill.

Image via Metro

Following his arrest, Australia's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) thanked "members of the public who came forward with information about the alleged offences and enabled us to act quickly in response"

*"We take all alleged cases of animal cruelty very seriously. The wildlife offences captured in this video are particularly abhorrent," a DELWP spokesperson said.

They have also seized several firearms and knives from the Chinese man's property in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood, and are continuing to investigate other individuals who may have been involved in the attack.

If convicted under the Victorian law, the 43-year-old man faces up to two years in prison and a fine of USD30,000

Meanwhile, people in the Chinese social media sites, where the footage had gone viral, said he should receive the "most severe" punishment from the local authorities.

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