If Your Employer Asks You To Work On 4 September You Are Entitled To Double Pay

To celebrate Malaysia's outstanding performance at the 29th SEA Games, Monday, 4 September, has been declared a public holiday under the Public Holidays Act 1951.

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According to a report by China Press, employers who make their employees work on 4 September, must double their day's pay or grant them a replacement day off

Monday, 4 September, has been declared a public holiday, under Section 8 of the 1951 Public Holidays Act, to celebrate Malaysia's success at the 29th SEA Games.

Therefore, both the Government and the private sector must abide by the holiday. If they do not comply, then it would contravene the 1955 Labour Act 60D (1) (B) and penalties would be imposed on the company for the number of employees it has, a spokesman for the Labour Office of Malaysia was reported as saying by China Press.

To avoid the hassle, employers can simply choose to give their employees paid public leave on 4 September

According to Article 8 of the 1951 Public Holidays Act, the declared public holidays are a paid holiday and if an employer insisted on making their employees work on that day, then they must pay their employees double or grant a replacement day off.

The same applies to Sabah and Sarawak employers, whose respective state governments have also declared 4 September public holiday following PM Najib's announcement during the closing ceremony of the 29th SEA Games.


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Employees may consult with the nearest labour office, email ([email protected]) or call (03-80008000) at the office

Here's what PM Najib had announced:

In related news, the Agong's birthday on 9 September is a paid public holiday and employers who do not comply will be fined RM10,000:

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