A Cockroach Is The Reason This Woman Crashed Her Car Into A Bridge

This could happen to any one of us.

Cover image via The Straits Times / Terminix

A Singaporean woman panicked and crashed her car into one end of a pedestrian bridge after seeing a cockroach in her vehicle

According to The Straits Times, the accident took place last Friday, 26 January, in Jurong East Central. 

The red Mazda mounted the pavement and its front bumper rammed into the railing of the bridge, causing it to be heavily damaged

The Straits Times reported that the 61-year-old woman had lost control of the vehicle upon seeing the insect, and swerved into the direction of the bridge.

She sustained minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment

Image via Terminix

Her son arrived at the scene shortly after the accident. Police investigations are currently ongoing. 

It's official. Cockroaches are terrible.

Image via Tenor

If you don't want cockroaches to pop up at random spots in your home, consider doing these things:

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