Someone Dumped A Dead Newborn In The Women's Prayer Section Of A Melaka Mosque

The newborn was found by congregants who had for the Subuh prayer.

Cover image via UTUSAN ONLINE/Ihsan Oriental Daily

A newborn's dead body was found in the women's prayer section inside the Asy Syakirin Mosque, Pasir Puteh in Bachang, Melaka

The shocking discovery was made by congregants who had arrived at the mosque for the Subuh prayer at 5.30am Tuesday, 16 April, according to Bernama.

Worshippers who found the newborn's body initially mistook it for a bundle of women's prayer shrouds as it was wrapped in clothes

"After the prayer, the other women and I informed the men present about the bundle.

"They were shocked when they found a dead male infant in the bundle and informed the police," a worshipper named Zainon Baba was quoted as saying in the report.

Image via NSTP

The newborn's umbilical cord was still attached

Utusan Online reported that the newborn bore traces of blood on its nose and blackish bruises on its face and based on the fact that when the body was uncovered at 5.40am, the infant had been dead for two hours as postmortem rigidity had not yet set in.

Central Melaka District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Afzanizar Ahmad said the police were informed of the incident by the public who contacted the Malim Police Station at 6.45am

"The Malim police station received a call on the find at 6.45am.

"Further investigation revealed that the mosque has closed-circuit television cameras. This will help us in investigating the case," he said, adding that while the baby was believed to have been born on Saturday, he is believed to have died within two hours.

A few hours after being informed about the incident, police arrested a woman suspected of being the infant's mother at her home at Lorong Haji Nyonya, Kampung Pasir Puteh at 2pm on Tuesday

Assistant Commissioner Afzanizar Ahmad added that the case is being investigated under Section 318 of the Penal Code to find out the cause of the infant's death.

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