A Woman In China Bungee Jumps Every Day To Deliver Lunch To Her Colleagues

She delivers lunches to 200 colleagues every day.

Cover image via Next Shark

A video recording of a woman bungee jumping in China to deliver lunch to her colleagues has gone viral

In the video, the woman can be seen preparing to jump off the platform with a lunch package in her hand while her colleague waited at the bottom of the cliff.

According to Next Shark, the woman, Wan Tiandi is an employee at Wansheng Dream Ordovician Park in Chongqing city.

Part of her job as an employee in the logistics department is to deliver lunches to 200 colleagues every day.

Image via Next Shark

Over a year ago, Wan had to deliver her meals by commuting 30 minutes every day in a car

Many of the workers work at the foot of the cliff and some even work in areas that are not easily accessible. 

According to Wan, by the time the lunch is delivered to her colleagues, the food would already be cold.

To speed up her delivery process, Wan came up with a new plan

She decided to use the nearest bungee jump station as a way for her to reach to her colleagues at the bottom of the mountain.

With this new method, it ended up only taking two minutes for Wan to deliver her meals.

Image via Blagag/Youtube

The video of her unusual delivery method was recently uploaded and many netizens were impressed

However, some wondered if bungee jumping is truly an efficient way of delivering the meals while others also questioned why the meals were not sent down to the workers by its own.

According to Shaghaiist, netizens even went on to accuse the theme park of trying to raise the hype for bungee jumping.

In response to the netizens comments, Wan simply said that this was really how she works every day. 

You can watch the video of Wan delivering her meals here:

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