Singaporean Woman Accused Of Leaving A Bloody Pig's Ear On Her Neighbour's Shoe Rack

She was also accused of splashing oil and porridge on her neighbour's front door.

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We've all had experience with bad neighbours. Maybe your neighbour's dog barks too loudly or they always park outside your house.

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In a video that went viral in Singapore last week, a woman was dubbed the "Neighbour From Hell" after she allegedly caused her neighbours to move house

The accused is a 51-year-old divorcee who moved in to a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in 2013.

The complaints began in 2014.

In the span of two years, six families on the same floor have moved out and sold their flats

The "Neighbour From Hell" has been accused of splashing oil on their doors, playing loud music, and even leaving a bloody pig ear on her neighbour's shoe rack.

A former neighbour told The Straits Times, "I simply couldn't take it anymore. I would go home after work to find some kind of liquid splashed on my door.

One day it was used cooking oil, another day it was porridge. The worst was when I saw a pig's ear on my shoe rack.

"It was my first flat and I felt very suay (unlucky). I sold my flat to another family. I felt sorry for them but everyone wants to escape."

As many as 17 reports have been made on said woman, but they were unsuccessful because they were for non-arrestable offences. They were even advised to keep the peace.

According to Stomp, the woman denies all her neighbours' accusations.

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, the housewife said her neighbours had formed an alliance against her, causing her to feel distress and consider moving out.

Regarding the bloody pig's ear, she said: "I don't even dare to touch a pig's ear, how could I have possibly placed it there?"

She also claimed that the viral video of her was edited.

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