A Dog Named 'Courage' Has Died After Being Gang-Raped And Mutilated By Four Men

It had suffered from excessive bleeding and internal damage.

Cover image via Animals Matter To Me/Facebook

A male dog in Mumbai, India was gang-raped and mutilated by four men on 17 November

An auto-rickshaw driver who was driving past a deserted area in West Malwani at 2am heard the sound of a dog wailing.

When he went to investigate, the man stumbled upon four men fleeing the scene, India Times reported.

The hound was lying in a puddle of blood, with its front legs tied and its mouth gagged

Despite the dog's injuries, the man did not bring it for medical treatment.

However, at around 12pm, local resident Sudha Fernandes – who regularly feeds the area's stray animals – noticed the motionless dog. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that its penis had been mutilated.

The auto-rickshaw driver re-appeared and explained what he had witnessed. According to him, the culprits appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Though the dog fled when she came close, Fernandes found it near a temple the next day.

She rushed it to the non-profit animal welfare organisation Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) to seek treatment.

After examining the dog, the veterinarian revealed that in addition to being gang-raped and mutilated, someone had tried to fold its hind legs near its pelvis.

Named 'Courage' by the organisation's staff members, the dog's treatment and progress were documented in posts on AMTM's Facebook page.

After four days of suffering from excessive bleeding and internal damage, Courage passed away in its sleep on 21 November

In a Facebook post announcing the death, AMTM wrote, "Another speechless soul harmed by a dangerous animal called Human. Hope culprits are nabbed soon. RIP, Courage. Run free."

A First Information Report has been lodged under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 at the Malwani police station.

The authorities have since launched a manhunt for the four suspects, The Star reported. 

In July, a pregnant goat succumbed to her injuries after being raped in Haryana, India:

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