A Dog's Ear Fell Off After Its Owner Dyed It Bright Pink

It was believed to have been caused by an allergic reaction.

Cover image via Ampaipan Wachaporn/Facebook

A Thai woman's dog recently suffered from an allergic reaction after its owner dyed its fur pink, which allegedly caused its ear to fall off

In a Facebook post on Thursday, 7 February, the pet owner explained that her Pomeranian named Diffy went through a 40-minute foil wrap fur dyeing process at a salon the day before

The woman said that the salon owner initially told her that Diffy's ears would return to normal in a couple of days, after she noticed its ears beginning to droop.

However, Diffy began to show typical allergic symptoms such as itchiness, flakiness, and burned skin

"[When] the scabs from the wound fell off, her ear fell off as well," she explained, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

"There was too much dye on the dog's ear," she added in her Facebook post.

Coconuts Bangkok checked with a veterinarian at Rama 8 Pet Hospital, who confirmed that Diffy's ear falling off could have been caused by a number of reasons.

"The chemical could have burned the ear off, the salon could have done it too harshly, the dog could have developed a severe allergy to the dye," she explained, according to the report.

A dog named Violet nearly died last year after being dyed purple.

Image via Fox News

Live Science explained that human dye should never be used on dogs or other pets, as it contains toxic chemicals such as hydro peroxide and bleach.

These pets would then become susceptible to burns, poisoning, and blindness, among other things.

In October 2018, a dog named Violet suffered from burns, swollen eyes, and nearly died after its owner dyed its fur purple.

Instead of dyeing your dog's fur, here's how you can make sure your pet is kept healthy:

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