Thai Father Froze To Death After Giving All The Blankets In The House To His Daughter

They live in a one-storey house that is reportedly under construction.

Cover image via Khao Sod via Asia One

Thailand is currently experiencing a cold spell, especially in the northern parts of the country

The Thai Meteorological Department predicted that the temperatures will go as low as seven degrees Celcius in the northern areas, while Bangkok's temperature will dip between 15  degrees Celcius and 17 degrees Celcius.

A father, who thought he could endure through the chilly night, froze to death after giving all the blankets in the house to his daughter

38-year-old Prasarn Homthong was found dead by his eight-year-old daughter, Panwira Noipha, at their home in Bueng Kan province, northeast of Thailand, on Saturday morning, 7 December.

Chiang Rai Times reported that Panwira tried to wake Prasarn up, but to no avail, after the duo slept through the cold night.

The temperature plummeted to nine degrees Celcius that night.

On the night of the incident, Prasarn kept his daughter warm by giving her three blankets, leaving himself none

Prasarn slept on a mat, covered only in a long-sleeved shirt and shorts, reported Asia One.

He thought that he could withstand the frigid weather.

When Panwira woke up in the middle of the night, she saw her father curled up due to the cold.

She laid a blanket over her father, but he was dead by the morning.

Reporters noted that the father-daughter duo live in a house that does not have windows or doors

The one-storey house is reportedly under construction.

A photo showed that the house is not fully sealed from winds and it is merely covered with a metal roof.

A medical examiner said that Prasarn's death was due to his body's inability to adjust to the drop in temperature

According to his relatives, Prasarn did not have any medical conditions prior to his death.

While it was tragic, Prasarn's death by the cold is not unprecedented in northern Thailand

A man keeps himself warm by an open fire in northern Thailand.

Image via Bangkok Post

According to Bangkok Post, winter in Thailand also claimed two other lives recently.

Last week, two people aged 60 and 92 were found dead in Nakhon Ratchasima and Chai Nat respectively.

Asia One reported that the cold season often results in cases of hypothermia, flu, and respiratory illnesses.

In 2017, a man from Chaiyaphum died from hypothermia during his sleep. He had three fans blowing at him and he did not know the temperature would drop that night.

Two months ago, the Thai Meteorological Department issued a warning about the impending cold season:

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