Men In Shah Alam Used Parang To Kill A Stray Dog And Then Ate His Cooked Meat

Currently, it is not against the law to consume dogs and cats.

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Earlier this week, a group of Indonesian men in Shah Alam killed a stray dog with a parang. The men then cooked his meat to eat.

According to a report in The Star Online, the incident happened near Persiaran Elmina, where the entire thing was caught on camera by two witnesses.

The group of Indonesian men, who are said to live at a nearby oil palm estate, first killed the stray dog using a parang and piece of wood, they then threw him into a fire.

While the video of the incident has since been taken down, Mukunnan Sugumaran, who is the founder of Malaysian Animal Welfare Association, is reported to have spoken to the witnesses

They said that there were about 20 men at the scene. However, as they began recording, some of them hid behind trees while others stayed behind to continue eating.

"The witnesses spoke to the men and were told that it was a norm for them to have two to three dogs per feast, or cats," Mukunnan was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

The incident has been reported to the authorities

Mukunnan along with the witnesses reported the incident to the Sungai Buloh District Police HQ and the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) on 28 August, but since consuming dogs and cats is not against the law in Malaysia, nothing can be done.

However, Mukunnan has urged DVS to exempt cats and dogs as consumable animals, so that actions can be taken on those who kill them for their meat.

Meanwhile, it is suspected that the incident could be related to reports of stray dogs found with severed limbs early this month:

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