Someone Has Been Killing Stray Dogs In Shah Alam By Poisoning Their Food

The incidents happened around the U16 area.

Cover image via Facebook/Dogs Of Denai Alam

Over the past couple of weeks, someone has been poisoning stray dogs in Shah Alam. So far over 10 dogs have been poisoned to death.

Shah Alam is reportedly suffering from the overpopulation of stray dogs, a problem the community leaders are trying to solve by working together with the city council and several NGOs.

However, someone in the area seems to have taken it upon themselves to solve the stray dog overpopulation by poisoning them, according to social activist, Jeffrey FK Phang.

Jeffrey recently took to Facebook to share about the horror being unleashed on the strays.

It is believed that the strays were poisoned by mixing something in their food

Kelvin Raj, one of the founders of the dog love group, Dogs of Denai Alam (DODA), believe that the dogs were poisoned from food the culprits gave to them.

Empty bowls were found nearby the dead dogs with a mysterious substance inside, and they've since been handed over to the police for further investigation.

Residents were outraged that poisonous bowls of food were left out in the open, potentially dangering children and house pets. As such, bodies of dead birds have been found around the empty bowls.

The dogs were found with no external injuries, only foam around the mouths and excretions

Two puppies were found foaming around the mouth after ingesting the food in the bowls and were rushed to the vet. They survived and are now recovering.

A female stray was also rushed to the vet but sadly passed away. According to a post by DODA, diarrhea stools with blood were discharged from the dog, confirming that it was poisoned. 

According to a comment on Jeffrey's post, it is believed that the poison used is called Stricnine or Datura. It's a nerve-attacking poison and it's not easy to acquire. 

Several dogs were also found limping with their legs chopped off

In a post by DODA, four dogs were discovered with their front legs chopped off. One of the dogs' leg was freshly cut and he was hopping in pain.

DODA has since requested that residents be on the lookout for suspicious activities and to give their cooperation to authorities

Meanwhile, a group of friends recently rescued 13 dogs and cats that were said to have been abandoned in an empty house for a month by their caretaker:

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