MPSJ Will Now 'Saman' Motorcyclists If They Park Outside Their Designated Parking Spots

No more parking in car park lots.

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The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) will now fine those who park their motorcycles in car park lots, walkways or in front of fire hydrants

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Motorcyclists will get their vehicle locked and will need to fork out RM30 to unlock it.

New E-Grip locks are introduced to clamp motorcycles who ignore designated parking spots

Image via SJ Echo

According to SJ Echo, MPSJ president Noraini Roslan, said that 30 units of locks have been acquired and used in the Sunway Metro area. 

This initiative by MPSJ is to help stop the irresponsible parking of motorcycles in busy commercial zones

Image via Everyday Riding

Motorcycles have been found to be parked in empty car park lots, pedestrian walkways, OKU parking spots, places where parking is not allowed and even double-parking irresponsibly behind cars.

MPSJ has said that they will find ways to increase the number of motorcycle parking spaces

Some motorcyclists have complained that there are an insufficient amount of designated parking spaces and that is why they resorted to parking in car park lots and walkways.

MPSJ will be discussing ways with the police to increase motorcycle parking spaces along back lanes and islands along the road.

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