A Kulai Babysitter Was Caught On Video Abusing 3 Babies Under Her Care

She was taking care of four babies in total.

Cover image via Vannis Kwann/Barbara Siew (edited)

Three videos showing a babysitter in Kulai, Johor, hitting babies have been widely circulated on Facebook since yesterday, 2 August

According to China Press, the videos are believed to be taken by a friend of the babysitter's. The woman, assumed to be in her late fifties, was taking care of four babies at the same time. 

She charges her clients RM1,400 per month.

The three videos have been shared over 41,000 times since Thursday.

One of the babies' mother detailed her experience with the babysitter

In an interview with Oriental Daily, the mother revealed that she was introduced to the babysitter through a relative. She had employed the babysitter since her baby was only three months old.

Her baby is now 10 months old. 

Image via Barbara Siew

In one of the videos, the baby was believed to be hit after spitting out his food, angering the babysitter. 

"Spit your head ah!" the babysitter yelled at the baby, as she slapped him on his head and his legs. 

Sin Chew Daily reported the babysitter as claiming that the baby would only eat after getting beaten.

The baby's parents will be lodging a police report against the babysitter for her actions

"She (the babysitter) has always praised my son for being a good boy, hence I never expected her to do so (hitting the baby)," the mother was quoted as saying by Sin Chew Daily.

According to the mother, the babysitter has been known for her bad temper after the death of her husband.

The mother also hoped that her experience with the babysitter will serve as a warning for other parents in the area to not employ the woman. 

You can watch the videos of the babysitter's actions here. Viewer discretion is advised.

Recently, there have been a number of cases where babies died while under their babysitters' care:

Following the deaths of babies lately, Hannah Yeoh announced that all government offices will have child daycare centres by next year:

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