There Will Be Child Daycare Facilities In All Govt Offices Starting January 2019

Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh made the announcement following the recent death of five-month-old baby, Adam Rayqal.

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By January 2019, all government offices will have child daycare centres, said Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh in a press conference on 5 July

"The government issued a circular in 1989 calling on federal and state (public) services to provide daycare facilities. This is not something new. So, the time for talk is over. It is time to do something," she said.

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Currently, there are only 205 government offices and 25 private sectors that are equipped with childcare centres

The Segambut MP added that government agencies need to set the example first, before private sectors can follow suit.

As an incentive for private companies, Yeoh said that a 10-year tax exemption will be provided, that covers renovation, maintenance, and owning a daycare centre.

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Yeoh also said that the ministry will propose a stringent screening for adults who deal with kids

According to The Star Online, those who will need to go through the screening, includes babysitters, school guards, school bus drivers, and tuition teachers.

In addition, Yeoh said that she will propose to the Cabinet to improve the Child Act. This would mean expanding the list to those involved in sex crimes, have mental health issues, and those with court and police records, reported New Straits Times.

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Yeoh made the announcement following the death of five-month-old Adam Rayqal Mohd Sufi, who was murdered and stuffed into a freezer by his babysitter, earlier this week in Gombak

She defended the case when some people blamed the mother for being irresponsible in leaving her son with a nanny at night.  

"She is a nurse and works the night shift. She had no choice but to send Adam to a nanny, as day care centres don't operate at night," she said, according to Malay Mail.

Hannah Yeoh was sworn in on Monday as Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister. These are some other Cabinet Ministers who also took on new roles this week:

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