4-Month-Old Baby Dies From Choking On Milk At A Daycare Centre In Melaka

It was his sixth day at the nursery.

Cover image via New Straits Times

A four-month-old baby boy recently died after choking on milk at a nursery on Monday, 23 July

The baby and his father, Zainal Abidin.

Image via Bernama

The baby's father, Zainal Abidin Deraman, a policeman at the Melaka Tengah District Police Headquarters, said he had dropped Yusof Al-Baihakki Zainal Abidin off at a daycare centre at 7am before heading to work.

It was his son's sixth day at the nursery in Al-Azim Mosque Complex, Melaka. Prior to this, he said that the baby's grandmother had been looking after Yusof in Kelantan.

Melaka Tengah Police chief ACP Afzanizar Ahmad found that Yusof had been fed with milk by the caretaker at 8.30am and then fallen asleep

However, he added, when the caretaker went to wake the baby up at 11.45am, she was shocked to find him unconscious.

"The caregiver had then taken the baby to the hospital and also informed the baby's mother," Afzanizar said, according to Bernama. The baby was brought to the hospital at 12.05pm and was pronounced dead 30 minutes later.

Following a postmortem examination, no bruises or injuries were found on the baby's body. Police have classified the case as sudden death.

"I am sad, which father won't be, if his son is gone... I had to wait for almost eight years to get a second child," the boy's father said.

However, Zainal Abidin added that he is not blaming anyone for the unfortunate incident and will let the authorities handle the case.

He said that the baby's body will be taken to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for burial.

On 22 July, a babysitter was arrested when a 10-month-old boy had "fallen from a swing" and died under her care:

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