Malaysians In Awe Of Mat Sabu For Showing More Character Than The Man Who Mocked Him

The Defence Minister recently embraced Najib's contempt for him.

Cover image via Mukhriz Hazim/Malay Mail (edited)

Recently, Najib Razak resorted to name-calling the man holding the Defence Portfolio he once held, using words such as "cartoon" and "joker" to describe and humiliate Mat Sabu. Najib also claimed that Mat Sabu is unqualified to be the Defence Minister of Malaysia.

"Our defence minister is a cartoon. He wears the beret like a cartoon. He gets into the warship and talks about fish curry. You are the defence minister. Talk about the country’s defence policies, not about fish curry. This is not defence minister material. This is a joker," the former prime minister was quoted as saying in a report by FMT.

Najib, who was the Defence Minister twice for 14 years, added that he "cannot guarantee it if Mat Sabu is facing the US defence secretary, because he will be talking about fish. The defence secretary will be in a daze. He would ask, ‘What standards do we have in Malaysia?’ Strange, this type of person can become a minister."

And on Friday, Mat Sabu decided to embrace Najib's contempt for him using his trademark wit and sarcasm. The Defence Minister joked that he indeed taught cooking to foreign dignitaries he met.

"I met with the US Defence Secretary. I discussed with him how to cook sambal belacan," Mat Sabu said sarcastically, joking further to say that he even taught Australia's defence minister how to make asam pedas last month.

Not stopping at that, Mat Sabu then claimed that he discussed fish head curry with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week in Parliament, reported Malay Mail.

Mat Sabu then decided to turn the table on Najib

"Woi, Najib!! Why are you so stupid?

"Whether I only know how to cook or whether I'm not good at governing, what's important is I will never steal peoples' money," he added to cheers from the public.

After Mat Sabu's humorous reply to Najib, many Malaysians expressed their love and support for the Defence Minister online:

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