Video Shows Singaporean Hurling Expletives At A Foreigner Inside A Lift At Changi Airport

His expletive-laden racist tirade has been captured and circulated widely.

Cover image via Uma Pathy/Facebook

A Chinese man hurling racially-charged expletives at an Indian-origin foreigner inside a lift at the Changi Airport was recorded on video by the victim himself, who also uploaded it on Facebook

The less than a minute-long video was uploaded on Facebook on 3 August.

According to the uploader, Uma Pathy, who works as a site supervisor in Singapore, the man in the video was "bad talking" about him even though he did nothing wrong.

In his broken English, Uma further asks why is this person behaving in such a manner.

Uma originally uploaded the video on the Facebook wall of Singapore Police Force.

Racist man @ Changi Airport

Horrible Racist man called Indian foreign worker dirty, and dun want to take lift together. The FW here worked hard and contributed to build up Singapore. I would rather have FW then this stupid racist. Location: Changi Airport credit: facebook/umapathy

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Thursday, 2 August 2018

In case you didn't clearly catch the exchange, here it is:

The Chinese man: Go out, go out. You f$#king dirty people go out. (raises his leg)
Uma Pathy: I take the lift go to the Tanah (muffled) MRT.
The Chinese man: MRT then you go out lah (x2). (Raises his leg in the supposed direction of the MRT station)
Uma Pathy: This person fighting with me.
The Chinese man: F$#k off lah. You go out lah. (Turns around and looks to the front)
Uma Pathy: What's your problem?
The Chinese man: I don’t like to take with Indian. You f$#k off (x3). (raises leg) You go out, go out (x2).
Uma Pathy: Why?
The Chinese man: You take another…
Uma Pathy: This one your property ah?
The Chinese man: No, no you property. (raises leg) I don’t want to take with you dirty people. You go out. You go go go.

Moments later, both of them spots another person, presumably an MRT staff.

Uma Pathy: Sir, I’m going to Tanah (muffled) MRT.
The Chinese man: I don't want to take the same lift as him.
MRT Staff: What happen ah?
The Chinese man: I don't like to take with him (x2). Ask him to go out. He dirty, smelly, go (x3), go out, please.

At this point, the Chinese man exits the lift, refusing to use it together with Uma.

The Chinese man: (Standing outside the lift) You f$#ked up lah, you go away lah, f$#k off.
Uma Pathy: (Still inside the lift) You lah.

Meanwhile, Singapore Police Force has responded to the video

What action, if any, can be taken against the man?

Well, according to a report in the Singaporean social news site, Mothership, in situations like the one shown in the video, the authorities can charge the man for being a public nuisance under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

The said act reportedly carries a fine of up to SG1,000.

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