Parents Call For Son's Death Penalty Over Abduction And Murder Of M'sian Student In Taiwan

The parents also publicly apologised to the family of the Malaysian student who was strangled to death by their son.

Cover image via Taiwan News & CNA/Taiwan News

The parents of a man suspected of raping and murdering a Malaysian student in Taiwan have called for the death penalty to be given to him as justice for the family of the victim

According to Taiwan News, 28-year-old Liang confessed to killing and discarding the body of 24-year-old Chang Jung Christian University student, Irene Chung, in Kaohsiung on 29 October.

He is currently being investigated for voluntary manslaughter, sexual assault, and abandonment of a corpse, while being detained in a prison in Kaohsiung.

The prime suspect of the murder, Liang (middle).

Image via CNA/Taiwan News

With the investigation ongoing, Liang's parents had wished to meet and apologise to Chung's parents in person for their son's actions

However, the Chung family, who flew in to Taiwan from Sarawak to arrange their daughter's funeral, have rejected their request for the meeting.

Chung's parents arriving at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Image via CNA/Taiwan News

On Tuesday morning, 3 November, a statement was released by Liang's parents expressing their deep remorse

"To the father and mother of the student, we are the parents of Liang who caused such great harm to you. The regret is ours," Liang's parents wrote, as quoted by Focus Taiwan.

"A life for a life will be the best answer for you. No matter how many apologies we offer, nothing can make up for your pain."

District head holding up Liang's parents' apology letter.

Image via Taiwan News

They expressed hope that "the trial can proceed rapidly and the sentence be made swiftly so that justice is brought to you"

"We are truly sorry that our mistakes in his education and upbringing caused such a big problem in society," read the statement.

According to the Taiwan dailies, Liang's parents have also left their home in the Alian District of Kaohsiung, where they lived with their son.

The remorseful parents said they could not face society.

Chung was abducted by Liang while she was on her way to meet a friend last week:

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