A Lost Doggo Who Waited 4 Years By Roadside Was Finally Reunited With His Owner

The story, however, has another twist.

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A lost doggo's heartwarming story has gone viral after he was reunited with his owner who had lost him four years ago

The doggo had reportedly stayed at the same spot by a road in Thailand for four years.

Image via Naewma

According to a report in China Press, a Thai netizen shared the story of the dog identified as Leo, saying that he was believed to be waiting for his owner.

The Thai netizen shared that when he came to know about Leo, the dog had gone without any food or water for days and was also suffering from a skin disease.

Leo was first spotted by a passer-by named Pinnuchawet, who started feeding him and also took the poor dog for treatment for his leprosy, the Thai netizen said.

Pinnuchawet feeding Leo.

Image via Naewna

When the feeder tried to bring Leo home, he escaped and returned to the same spot by the roadside where he was first found

When Pinnuchawet realised that Leo could possibly be waiting for his owner to return, she started bringing him food by the roadside. She would visit him regularly.

And on days when she couldn't, her family members would feed Leo in her place.

This went on for years with the feeder taking care of Leo without forcing him to bring home. She let Leo where he wanted to be.

When the Thai netizen heard about the story, he figured maybe sharing it on the Internet might help Leo's story reach to his original owner, who might still be looking for him.

And as Leo's luck would have it, the netizen's post went viral in Thailand.

Following which, a family came forward and commented that Leo resembles BonBon, a dog that their cousin had lost four years ago. The family then decided to check if Leo was indeed their lost BonBon and they headed to the roadside.

At the sight of seeing his real owner, Leo could not hide his excitement!

Image via Dog Thailand

According to the owner, they had brought their dog along to visit their relatives when they realised BonBon had gone missing

The owner, Noi, explained that it happened when they had stopped at a gas station.

They turned back to comb through the roads, but they were unable to find him.

Image via Dog Thailand

Now you might think, having met his original owner, the doggo would have gone home with them. But there's another twist.

Even though Leo cum BonBon wagged his tail in excitement after finally seeing his owner, he was unwilling to follow Noi home, AsiaOne reported.

He reportedly did not want to leave his feeder who had been taking care of him.

Seeing how reluctant he was, Noi and Pinnuchawet decided it would be better for the latter to care for him while Noi dropped by every now and then to help.

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