Video Shows A Pregnant Wife Doing A GrabFood Delivery Because She Was 'Craving' For It

Talk about weird cravings!

Cover image via Twitter/Haikal

Imagine your reaction when your pregnant wife tells you that she's 'craving' for food but she doesn't want to eat it — instead — she wants to get on a motorcycle and do delivery as a GrabFood rider?

Image via Tenor

That's probably how Haikal Mazlan reacted, who on Friday night took to his Twitter account to share his wife's weird 'craving'

On 13 September, Haikal, who works as a GrabFood delivery rider, posted a 10-second video. It shows a woman riding a motorcycle while carrying a GrabFood delivery.

The video was shot by Haikal while riding in another motorcycle.

Image via Twitter/Hailkal

In the caption of the video, the Twitter user wrote:

Oh, my wife. Other pregnant women crave for delicious food. Why do you crave to work for Grab instead?

Haikal added that he just went along with his wife's request, hoping that her weird craving to do a GrabFood delivery is for just one order.

Watch the video of Haikal fulfilling his pregnant wife's 'craving' here:

The video has since gone viral, gaining more than 24k retweets and hundreds of comments from fellow Malaysians who found the whole thing very amusing.

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