Man Starts Recording After Being Called Out For 'Chupping' A Parking Spot At UTC Sentul

He defended 'chupping' the parking spot saying UTC doesn't have a lot of parking.

Cover image via Louis Kok

In a minute-long video posted on Facebook, a man in a black t-shirt is seen 'chupping' a parking spot at UTC Sentul yesterday

However, when he is called out by another driver looking to park his car at the spot, the man who was standing there with a woman and could be seen trying to "reserve" the spot for his sister's car takes his mobile out and starts recording the driver.

In the video, the driver who was recording the man outside can be heard saying that "someone here is using their bodies to book parking spots. Standing here and all. Is this respectful? Oh, you want to take my photo? Okay, take my photo. No problem."

To which the man, seen standing outside to "reserve" the parking spot, turns around and takes his mobile out, saying: "I'm taking a photo of you, okay?"

He defends 'chupping' the parking spot saying UTC doesn't have a lot of parking.

"I'm just here waiting so that my sister can park and this guy comes and takes my photo," the man says while he continues to record the driver.

The driver inside the car then questions the man saying just because there's no parking, is he allowed to block other people?

"Yes, it is," retorted the man outside.

At which point, the driver who is recording the video says that he has now evidence of people trying to block parking which everyone can see.

As he says this, other cars behind him start honking.

"So you’re blocking everyone else and it's okay? Just because you want to fight for this space?" the man outside tells the driver.

The driver then gives up and drives away

In the comment section, he clarified that he did not pursue the matter further because his wife and their little daughter were inside the car with him.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

Posted by Louis Kok on Friday, 13 September 2019

The above incident of someone using their body to block parking comes days after a couple allegedly slapped a driver who called them out for 'chupping' a parking spot in Berjaya Times Square:

The act of "blocking" a parking spot it is an offence under Section 50 (3) of the Road Transport Act 1987:

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