An American Couple Is Suing Their IVF Clinic After Giving Birth To An Asian Baby

The child had also developed a rare blood disorder that is commonly linked to those living in Southeast Asia.

Cover image via David Mazie/NY Post & Daily Mail UK/Facebook

Drew Wasilewski and Kristina Koedderich from New Jersey are suing their fertility clinic after their daughter was born with Asian features

Drew Wasilewski and Kristina Koedderich

Image via David Mazie/New York Post

The Sun UK reported that in 2012, they spent USD500,000 (RM2,081,800) for IVF treatment at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas in Livingston, New Jersey.

The pair, who have since divorced, underwent IVF and were under the impression that the baby was created using an egg from Koedderich and sperm from Wasilewski.

However, two years since the child's birth, they said that their daughter had developed unmistakable Asian features.

Image via The Sun UK

A DNA test later confirmed that Drew was not the child's biological father

In their interview with Good Morning America, the couple also revealed that their child had developed a rare blood disorder that is commonly linked to those living in Southeast Asia.

They shared that they had noticed their daughter's Asian features at the time of birth but chose to brush it off.

Wasilewski said, "She was healthy. We didn't really focus on anything apart from how beautiful she was."

The couple has filed a lawsuit against the clinic, seeking damages and demanding a list of sperm donors to find out who their daughter's biological father is

Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey

Image via Business Insider

The couple would like to find out their daughter's genetic history, in case she ever wants to have a relationship with her biological father in the future.

According to Daily Mail, Superior Court Judge Keith Lynott ordered the institute to hand over a list of men who donated sperm around the same time the couple used the facility.

They are also concerned if Wasilewski's semen was used for someone else's IVF treatment.

The couple are seeking monetary damages, saying the clinic's mistake caused "great pain, suffering, permanent injuries, and disabilities, as well as the loss of enjoyment of the quality of life".

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