Couple Allegedly Slapped Myvi Driver Who Called Them Out For 'Chupping' A Parking Spot

The couple tried to walk away as if nothing had happened.

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'Chupping' parking spots is illegal. But it seems that some people still do not get it.

After countless incidents took place last year, Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) stated that people cannot block a parking spot by standing over it, as it is an offence under Section 50 (3) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Offenders will be slapped with a fine of up to RM2,000 or face imprisonment of up to six months.

The most recent case, however, saw a couple allegedly slap a driver who called them out for 'chupping' a parking spot in KL

Twitter user @nurshfka shared how she saw a couple attempt to "reserve" a parking spot in Berjaya Times Square on Monday, 9 September.

"A Perodua Myvi was waiting for a parking spot behind him as the car was leaving the parking lot. Suddenly a couple who was passing by in their car stopped and the wife got down to stand in the parking spot even though someone was already waiting," Shafika wrote.

"Her husband quickly drove one round and cut in front of the Myvi to drive his car into the parking lot."

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Shafika said that the couple got down from the car and acted as if nothing had happened.

The Myvi driver then confronted them.

"[The] guy in the Myvi got angry and asked him (the driver) why did he just steal the spot as he had been waiting for a long time. The guy who stole the parking spot shouted back at him and slapped the Myvi driver," she wrote.

Image via Twitter

When Shafika's friend called a security guard to help the Myvi driver, the couple allegedly got scared and left

Shafika advised the Myvi driver to make a police report, but he allegedly said that the police will do nothing since he is a foreigner.

You can read the full tweet here:

Offenders who 'chup' a parking spot with objects can also be slapped with a fine or face imprisonment:

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