Video Allegedly Shows A Malaysian Man Harassing And Forcibly Kissing A Security Guard

The victim can be seen wiping away his tears.

Cover image via Twitter

In a 21-second video posted on Twitter, a man in a dark blue shirt is seen pinning a man against a wall and trying to forcibly kiss him

In the video, the victim, who appears to be a security guard, can be seen trying to push away the other man.

However, the man refuses to back away and continues to try and kiss the security guard. When the suspect finally gives up, the victim can be seen wiping away tears.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The video has since gone viral with over 2,400 retweets.

It is unclear where in Malaysia the incident happened

Under the viral video, while a couple of users took the incident seriously, calling out the bully's act as harassment and asked people to not joke about it, others mostly stuck to blaming the victim, saying that he acted "like a girl for tearing up".

You can watch the video of the incident here:

SAYS could not confirm if a police report on the incident has been lodged.

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