Woman Dies After Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Closes Car Window On Her Neck

She died due to permanent brain damage from the accident.

Cover image via Mirror UK

A freak accident resulted in the death of a young mother in Belarus after her two-year-old daughter closed their family car's window on her neck

Image via Mirror UK

The accident occurred on Sunday, 31 August, in the village of Staroe Selo where Yulia Sharko was celebrating her 21st birthday at a friend's house, according to Daily Mail.

Sharko was trying to pull her daughter out of the car through the front seat window when her daughter accidentally pressed the automatic window switch.

The window closed on Sharko's neck, cutting off the blood supply to her brain.

Image via Mirror UK

Sharko's husband found the mother of two unconscious, with her body hanging from the window

Image via Mirror UK

The Sun UK reported that he had to break the window to release her. 

He then pulled her from the car and called emergency services. His wife was rushed to the hospital but never regained consciousness.

The woman died eight days after the tragic accident, having suffered clamped arteries which led to brain damage

Image via Mirror UK

A report by Mirror UK stated that her brain suffered permanent damage.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances of her death.

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