This Teacher Goes The Extra Mile To Make Students Feel Comfortable While On Their Periods

"Girls are to be taken care of," the teacher told his male students.

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A 38-year-old teacher in China has been keeping track of the menstrual cycles of his female students so that they feel at ease at school

Mo Qunli, a Chinese teacher at Daxi High School in Wenling City, first started noting down his students' menstrual cycles on a classroom whiteboard when the school introduced running activities between classes.

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According to Mothership, he explained that he did this to help those who were too shy to admit that they could not run due to menstrual cramps.

To further relieve the students of their menstrual pain, the teacher brings a large thermo-flask filled with hot water and brown sugar, a popular natural remedy in China, to classes

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Mo has also asked his male students to bring hot water to the class regularly, telling them that "girls are to be taken care of."

"When I first introduced this practice, most students in my class could accept it. There were a few male students who teased the girls, but that's probably because they were curious," he said. 

He explained that these unconventional practices stem from a sense of responsibility and genuine concern for his students.

"They view me as a father figure too, so this is not embarrassing," said the teacher of 12 years.

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According to Headline News, the teacher's actions are not out of character for him, as he does not allow his wife to come into contact with cold water or do their laundry when she is on her period.

While most people around call him "caring", Mo is aware that there are those who criticise his actions. "Some people say that I'm perverted," he said.

"There's no way to get everyone on board with you. They are not familiar with your job or your industry," he added.

Chinese netizens have been divided on whether Mo's actions in the classroom towards his female students are thoughtful or inappropriate

Many who commended the teacher for his openness argued that the topic of menstruation should be normalised.

"Those who think this is weird have probably always thought that menstruation is not something to be spoken about," one commenter wrote.

Meanwhile, some were of the opinion that the teacher did not have to go through such lengths to help his students.

"The right way to go about teaching students about this is to tell them that there's nothing embarrassing about periods, and that if they need to be excused from class, they can just tell the teacher straight without hiding it," one Chinese netizen opined, according to Mothership.

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