A Man's FB Post About Helping An Elderly Uncle From Ipoh Who Was Cheated In KL Goes Viral

The post has garnered several positive comments from netizens.

Cover image via Darshan Balakrishnan/Facebook

A post that was uploaded on Facebook on Friday, 15 February, detailing how an elderly man from Ipoh was cheated in Kuala Lumpur by those who promised him a job has now gone viral

The post, which at the time of publishing this story has over 3.6k Reactions and was shared more than 2.7k times, is by a user named Darshan Balakrishnan.

According to Darshan, he has seen a heartbreaking number of elderly people from different states being promised a job in KL and then getting cheated and robbed.

The latest incident happened when Darshan was waiting in a line to withdraw money from an ATM when an elderly uncle, who was standing in front of him, turned towards Darshan to ask him to type in his ATM card details for him as he couldn't see properly.

"He asked me to withdraw RM50 from his account..."

The elderly uncle, identified as Mr Ravi, asked Darshan to help him withdraw RM50 from his account. However, Darshan noticed that the account only had RM10 inside.

"He looked exhausted and I felt bad so I asked him what he needed it for," Darshan wrote on his Facebook post in which he also uploaded a photo he had taken of Mr Ravi.

"He said it was so he can go back to Ipoh and he got someone to bank RM50 in so he could get back home and even showed me a receipt," read Darshan's post.

According to Darshan, the elderly man was promised a job as a security guard, however, the uncle got robbed by the same people

"He's been trying to find his way home for the last 3 days," Darshan wrote, adding that it was the third time that he was hearing the same story from a lost elderly uncle.

Darshan decided to do something and bought the uncle a couple of water bottles, gave some cash and got an LRT ticket to Pasar Seni so he can take a bus back to Ipoh.

"Can you guys imagine? This is someone's husband and father, stranded penniless and homeless. Make sure to take care of your parents and help those who really deserve it. If we can spend huge amounts of money on clothes, shoes and other stuff, I'm sure we can spare the cost of a meal to send help someone who's really in need," he wrote.

Darshan ended his post, saying that he hopes and prays that Mr Ravi gets home safe. He also left a message for others about how more needs to be done to protect and help the elderly in Malaysia.

Darshan's post has garnered several positive comments, with dozens of people blessing and thanking him for his good deed

Meanwhile, in an incident that took place on 14 February, a man violently assaulted a 48-year-old woman inside a lift at the MRT's Taman Mutiara station and fled with the victim's belongings:

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