Malaysians, Brace Yourselves Because This Scorching Heat Won't Go Away Till End Of March

Keep your umbrellas and water bottles on hand.

Cover image via BBC UK

Prepare yourselves, because the hot-as-hell weather that's going on right now is expected to last until end of March

The Meteorological Department Malaysia (MET Malaysia) told Bernama today, 15 February, that the West Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah will experience hot weather until end of March.

For reference, the West Coast states consist of:
- Perlis,
- Kedah,
- Penang,
- Perak,
- Selangor,
- Kuala Lumpur,
- Putrajaya,
- Negeri Sembilan, and
- Melaka.

The higher temperatures are the result of Malaysia experiencing the final phase of the Northeast Monsoon

"Normally, during the final phase of the Northeast Monsoon, the temperature will rise due to the lack of rain," explained MET Malaysia National Weather and Geophysics Operations Centre director Dr Mohd Hisham Mohd Anip.

The temperature is currently only 2 degrees Celsius higher than normal, though in one rare phenomenon, some states recorded temperatures up to 37 degrees Celsius. 

Mohd Hisham added that the temperatures are higher at the following hours:
- 2pm to 4pm in West Coast states, and
- 1pm to 3pm in Sabah.

Come March, the weather is expected to cool down a little due to the monsoon transition

Mohd Hisham told Bernama that the transition will occur sometime between March and May.

Rainfall is expected to rise during that period and the temperatures will see a drop.

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