5 Things You Need Right Now That Will Help You Survive The Hot Malaysian Weather

Read this if you're the kind of person who can't stand the heat.

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If you've been feeling the heat the past few days, just know that you are not alone

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With that said, here are some things you can get to help you stay cool during this period of time:

1. Pat down your sweat on a hot day using this "magic" cooling towel

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A cooling towel is said to be made of a combination of materials that enable the towel to have better absorbency and the ability to evaporate moisture much better than other regular cloths or towels.

To use it, just dampen the cooling towel with cold water and drape it around your neck or head for a cooling relief when temperatures soar, especially in situations where humidity is low to moderate.

It's best to use it when you go for a run or to cool down afterwards.

Get your own cooling towel on Shopee for RM9 each

2. Use a portable fan for an instant cool down whenever you need it

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The MORAC Toto Handy Fan is a small, battery-operated mini fan that is extremely convenient to bring around since it does not take much space in your bag.
Whip it out and turn it on for a quick relief when there's no breeze. The speed settings is also adjustable.

The best part is that you don't even need to find a plug to use it - just make sure you (re)charge it using the cable provided.

You can get it from Shopee.

3. Make your surrounding a little better with a portable humidifier

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If it's just way too hot outside and you decide to stay indoors with the air-conditioner turned on, try using a humidifier to prevent dry skin from the constant exposure to air-con.

Humidifiers are popular these days because their primary function is to add moisture to the air that could help prevent dry skin during these hot and humid days.

You can get a portable humidifier of 200ml on Shopee.

4. Spritz some soothing mist if you cannot stand being a sticky mess

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Restore moisture to your skin with Nature Republic's Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist that is formulated with Californian organic aloe.

The nourishing spray is suitable to be used on face, arms, and legs and effectively freshens you up immediately.

Get a 150ml bottle on Shopee.

5. Protect yourself and put on a pair of cooling hand socks

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One of the most practical tips to get on top of the hot and humid weather is to put on some breathable clothing.

If you need to be outdoors and want to protect yourself from those harsh UV rays, you'd never go wrong with a pair of cooling arm sleeves.

Said to be a popular product from South Korea, the Let's Slim Cooling Hand Sock is made of cotton that will help keep your arms cool and comfortable than most conventional fabrics. 

Get a pair of the cooling hand socks on Shopee.

So, who's ready to get down to business — without sweating? ;)

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