A Man Was Caught On Video Touching A Girl's Thigh On LRT And People Are Blaming Her

The video of the incident has gone viral on Facebook.

Cover image via Asa Mpete/Sri Petaling 大城堡

A less than a minute-long footage shot on mobile by a female passenger onboard a train on the Sri Petaling LRT line, who later posted it on Facebook has divided Malaysians on the social media

The video shows an elderly man dressed in religious robes attempting to feel a girl's exposed thigh by rubbing the fingers of his right hand against her.

The girl, who is seated next to the elderly man, appears to be asleep. As such, she seems to be unaware of her abuser's actions and doesn't move.

The female passenger who shot the video on her mobile and later shared it on her Facebook profile wrote that while she had heard of such incidents, she had never witnessed one with her own eyes

Speaking about the incident, she said that it happened when she was on her way back to work in the Sri Petaling LRT Line.

"He stopped when he noticed the Malay couple beside me eyed him. He straight away got off the train at that stop," the female passenger added.

While the original post containing the video was taken down by the female passenger, the video was later uploaded to several Facebook pages.

You can watch the video here. It's 53-second-long and clearly shows the man's actions:

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# “I have heard of such incidents but I have not seen it with my own eyes... This happen on my way to work in the Sri Petaling Line LRT.. He stopped when he noticed the Malay couple beside me eyed him. He straight away got off the train at that stop... PS: Never sleep during train rides ..Rapid KL I hope you will get your guards to be more weary of such acts... They are always on board playing with their phones and talking to their colleagues.. Feel free to share and tag... ” Source: Asa Mpete

Posted by Sri Petaling on Saturday, 24 February 2018

While Rapid KL said the matter has been forwarded to the relevant parties, people on social media are blaming the girl in the video

"To me, his misbehave to her is well deserved," commented one Facebook user, who shared the video on her wall, adding, "Why must you wear such clothing?

"Girls nowadays love to dress up in such a way and call that as being modern. Every day we are seeing girls who love to wear shorts or skirt to "GROIN" length and expect a man like him not to see. Funny, right?"

Her comments were endorsed by others, who said they agreed with her points.

Image via Facebook

Another user who commented on the video, asked: "how come the girl didn't feel anything?", while one commentator said to "believe and trust in religious men."

Meanwhile, one Facebook user said he is not touching the girl and was trying to pull his jubah. But because the girl is sitting so close to him, he feels uncomfortable.

Image via Facebook

However, others countered the above comment saying if indeed his jubah was stuck underneath the girl's thigh, "then why do it so secretively? You're not doing anything wrong so why so sneaky and secretive?"

Luckily, there were those who saw through the man's actions on the video and called him out for his perverted behaviour

Image via Facebook

The incident and people's reaction to it, though, shouldn't come as a surprise considering what happened a couple of months ago:

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