A Pervert Sexually Assaulted A Woman On The LRT To Masjid Jamek While Bystanders Laughed

"How many more victims are needed till they step up their safety and procedures?"

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A woman, who was riding the LRT from Pasar Seni to Masjid Jamek on 14 December, was sexually assaulted by a man who pulled his penis out of his pants and rubbed it against her from behind

During the incident, while the woman screamed for help, fellow passengers on the LRT allegedly laughed, according to a viral tweet that was posted Friday evening.

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Allegedly, the Rapid KL staff didn't help the woman

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They let the suspect walk away twice despite being able to describe how he looked, a friend of the victim alleged in a Facebook post on Friday.

"Heck, your staff even allowed the perpetrator to board the service once again, even after knowing that he was in fact, a pervert on the loose. Tell me, Rapid KL, what sort of SOP do you require for your staff to take action against such horrible, disgusting crimes that occur?," the post on Facebook read.

The management has even refused to share the CCTV footage of the incident with the victim despite the fact that she has lodged a police report.

After the social media postings about the sexual assault went viral, Rapid KL posted on their official accounts, saying that the alleged suspect was apprehended and handed over to the PDRM on Friday

However, the suspect who was caught was another perpetrator from a different case that happened earlier on Rapid KL. The perpetrator who sexually assaulted the victim is still on the loose.

Following Rapid KL's social media post about the arrest of the suspect, the victim yesterday informed them that the person they caught is not the one who molested her.

According to the victim's friend, Rapid KL has acknowledged her complaint.

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Meanwhile, others on Twitter have pointed out how it is irresponsible on behalf of Rapid KL to issue a misleading statement and have also questioned the brand's safety and procedures

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Earlier today, 17 December, the victim's friend tweeted to say that Rapid KL will be handing over the CCTV footage to PDRM

Following which, Rapid KL has acknowledged the same in a message to SAYS, assuring that they are "coordinating efforts with PDRM to apprehend the suspect".

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Rapid KL has also said that they will be issuing updates on the investigation through their official social media accounts

You can follow them for updates on Twitter or Facebook.

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