A Man Was Seen Randomly Smashing Cars With A Wooden Stick And Large Rocks In Kuchai Lama

Five cars were damaged during the incident that took place on 7 January.

Cover image via We Are Malaysians

A man was recently seen in a video whacking cars with a wooden stick outside a condominium in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

The incident is believed to have taken place the day before the video was posted on Monday, 7 January.

Though it is unclear as to where the exact location is, one netizen said that it took place near De Tropicana Condominium.

According to the caption, the man threw large rocks at the front and back windscreens and smashed the cars' side mirrors

"He even hit and [broke the] front and back car lights," it read. It is believed that five cars were damaged.

A police report was made on the issue at 9am. It was stated that other people from Salak South were also affected by a similar case.

SAYS has reached out to the Facebook page to confirm if the suspect has been caught

According to the page, the man was caught by Salak South police yesterday.

You can watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a man in Penang hit a cashier on the head for not letting him buy more than two packets of oil:

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