Man Assaults Cashier Because She Won't Let Him Buy More Than 2 Packets Of Cooking Oil

The incident happened at a supermarket in Bayan Lepas, Penang.

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In a video that has gone viral, a middle-aged man was caught assaulting a female cashier after being told that he could only buy two packets of cooking oil at a supermarket in Bayan Lepas, Penang

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The incident, which happened around 8.40am on Tuesday, 8 January, was captured on CCTV.

According to Balik Pulau OCPD Superintendent A. Anbalagan, the man wanted to buy three packets of oil but was told that he could not do so due to a purchase limit

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Where most customers would have shrugged it off and adhered to the policy, the man started raging at the cashier and hit the back of her head

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He then said, "Lu jaga (you better watch out)" before leaving the store empty-handed. 

"As a result of the incident, the victim has back pain and fears over the threat from the suspect," Anbalagan said, as quoted by The Star.

Anbalagan said that the police have since identified the suspect. However, they have yet to arrest the man as they are still hunting him down.

The Star reported that the case is being investigated under Section 506/323 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

You can view the video here: 

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