A Motorcyclist Was Injured By Fishing Lines Hung Mid-Air On DUKE Highway Exit

The incident happened at the Gombak exit yesterday, 17 September.

Cover image via Afiq Izwan/Facebook

A motorcyclist suffered from a cut on his neck while riding through the Gombak exit of DUKE highway because of fishing lines

The cut caused by fishing lines.

Image via Afiq Izwan/Facebook

The motorcyclist recounted in a Facebook post that the fishing lines were hung mid-air at the exit before turning into Taman Rowther and Taman Koperasi Polis 1 in Gombak.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 20,000 shares in 14 hours.

Apart from his neck, the strap of the victim's helmet was also cut by the fishing lines

He added that he was riding his motorcycle slowly when the incident happened.

"Imagine if someone who didn't wear his helmet was riding (his motorcycle) faster, wouldn't his neck be dislocated?" the victim wrote. 

The victim claimed that fishing lines have been used to trip motorcyclists riding through tolls before they get robbed

"Usually, people use this (fishing lines) to rob motorcyclists who ride through the (motorcyclists') lane at tolls," the victim wrote.

According to him, motorcyclists often avoid riding through tolls at night for this reason.

The victim has lodged a police report regarding the incident

He also warned other residents of Gombak to be aware of the DUKE exit.

"(This is a) reminder to all residents of Gombak to be careful of this area, especially at night," the victim wrote.

You can read about the incident in full here:

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