Video Shows Motorcyclist Riding 'Superman'-Style On North-South Expressway

He continued with his antics despite being honked by drivers.

Cover image via Rajendren Sellakanoo/Facebook

On 28 August, a motorcyclist was filmed riding 'Superman'-style on the North-South Expressway

The video was taken near the Simpang Empat exit on the highway, facing towards Ayer Keroh. 

"He didn't bother to move even after we honked at him," Rajendren, the driver of the car following the motorcyclist, was heard saying in the video. He had driven behind the motorcycle for five minutes.

The video has garnered over 8,000 shares within two days. 

After the incident, Rajendren lamented the motorcyclist's behaviour in a five-minute video

"There are rules for motorcyclists on the highway, the express lane is not for you to ride on with your legs flying in the air," Rajendren said in the video. 

He added that motorcyclists like the one in the video risk losing their lives if they were accidentally hit by lorries or other vehicles while performing such acts.

"I don't understand why kids these days want to fly like that (on the motorcycle), what do you get from it?" Rajendren added. 

Some netizens praised Rajendren for taking video evidence of the incident, and criticised the motorcyclist for his act

"Good job brother, I'd also get angry when I see kids acting brave (on the road)," one netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

"If you want to be a superman, go to the first lane. You're on the express lane. There's no point doing your stunt at cruising speed," another netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

However, others criticised Rajendren for allegedly taking video of the motorcyclist while driving himself

One netizen criticised Rajendren for holding his phone while driving.

Image via Facebook

"What was the speed of your car? (And) you were holding your phone while following the motorcycle," another netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

Rajendren responded to the allegations against him in a comment

"The owner of the phone (which the video was taken with) doesn't have a driving license, (and) the original video is still on that phone," he wrote. 

He also explained that the video was taken from the backseat of his car.

Image via Facebook

You can watch the incident here:

Meanwhile, a Malaysian motorcyclist was attacked by two Singaporeans near the Tuas Checkpoint last month:

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