KTM Komuter Is Discontinuing Token Tickets For Cashless Payments

The commuter rail system is going cashless.

Major announcement coming through, KTM Komuter riders.

The rail company has recently revealed that it will stop issuing token tickets, in favour of cashless payments.

Token rides were introduced back in 2016, alongside the rollout of Komuter Link cards.

Several postings on social media confirmed the implementation

The announcements urged commuters to be ready for the change with Komuter Link or Touch 'n Go cards.

However, no specific implementation date was mentioned. SAYS has reached out to KTM Berhad to obtain more information regarding the move. 

Last year, the then-BN led federal government said it was expecting to fully implement a cashless system for public transportation by 2019

Image via MyRapid

Under the Integrated Cashless Paying System (ICPS), commuters will only require one smartcard to enjoy benefits such as seamless travel between different rail lines, pay for parking in nearly 4,000 transit stops, as well as getting to avoid long queues at ticketing counters

Meanwhile, Touch 'n Go will be offering 100% cashback on QR LRT rides this Merdeka. Here's how to sign up:

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