Raj's Banana Leaf In Bangsar Has Reopened With A Brand New Name

Three months after it was forced to close by DBKL, the popular banana leaf restaurant is back in business.

Cover image via Best Restaurant to Eat Blogspot / Minetta Ong (edited)

Raj's Banana Leaf in Bangsar is back in business

Three months after the dishwashing fiasco that led to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) revoking its operating license, the restaurant has reopened its doors today after passing several rounds of inspections by DBKL and the Ministry of Health's (MOH) Food and Safety Division.

The Bangsar eatery was forced to close in June after a video showing three of its employees washing plates in a puddle of murky water in a pothole went viral on social media. 

In addition to revamping their operations, the restaurant's management has also decided to rename it to mark a fresh start. Raj's Banana Leaf in Bangsar is now known as... RBL Banana Leaf.

Image via RBL Banana Leaf

According to a press statement, the restaurant has undergone substantial renovations in its kitchen, food and beverage preparation areas, food serving area, and the washing area.

The restaurant's new layout will reportedly feature an open kitchen facing customers at the roti canai area, complete with a large open window that provides customers an open view into how the washing is handled.

DBKL officers inspecting the new dishwashing area.

Image via RBL Banana Leaf

In addition to the renovations, the restaurant also said that all employees have completed proper food handling courses conducted by MOH-certified trainers and given typhoid vaccinations.

In the statement, the director of Raj's Banana Leaf issued yet another apology for the debacle, saying that it was a "sobering wake up call for us"

"The incident served as a lesson for us to work on our shortcomings, improve operations and adhere to all regulations and relevant standards to offer customers the best possible experience when dining at RBL," said Muhamad Rizal Abd Rahman, Director of Raj’s Banana Leaf.

Following the incident at Raj's Banana Leaf, several other restaurants and its employees were also caught in pretty gross situations: