Video Shows 2 Singaporeans Exiting Their Audi To Attack A Motorist Near Tuas Checkpoint

They were angry at him for trying to "cut" into their lane.

Cover image via STOMP

In a video uploaded on STOMP's Facebook page, two men in a Singapore-registered Audi are seen physically attacking the driver of a Malaysia-registered Hyundai near Tuas Checkpoint on 12 July

According to an eyewitness who originally shot the video of the incident, a bus had broken down on the first lane at Tuas Checkpoint.

"As a gracious driver, the white Hyundai Starex driver signalled to indicate a lane change. Most cars in the second lane practised the '1-in-1-out' rule to allow cars in the first lane to merge and overtake the bus, except for the blue Audi," she said.

The video shot by her shows how the Audi refuses to let the Hyundai switch lanes.

"The unfortunate incident did not stop just there. The Audi driver and his passenger stepped out of their car and started to physically attack the Hyundai driver. It was unfortunate that the Hyundai driver did not lock his doors," she told STOMP.

Image via STOMP

In the video, the two men can be seen exiting their Audi and flinging open the doors of the Hyundai while the car was still moving:

Men exit Audi SKG6263B to 'attack' driver from both sides of his car near Tuas Checkpoint

Men exit Audi SKG6263B to 'attack' driver from both sides of his car near Tuas Checkpoint: A Stomper said: "I hope, through this footage, they will reflect upon their behaviour and stop being road bullies!"

Posted by Stomp on Thursday, 12 July 2018

However, no police report was lodged

According to the eyewitness, the person inside the Hyundai, despite being physically attacked, "was in a rush and seemed reluctant to pursue the matter. He also wanted to avoid trouble as he frequently enters SG-JB."

Last month, a similar situation almost took an ugly turn after a man driving a Singapore-registered Honda brandished a sheathed knife and shattered the side-view mirrors of a Malaysian motorist's car:

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