This Mum Had No Idea Giving Birth On A Plane Would Be This Awesome For Her Baby

Born to travel? ;)

Cover image via CNN

A pregnant woman who was flying from the capital city of Libya to Niamey in Niger gave birth to a baby boy onboard a Buraq Air flight

She successfully delivered the baby boy with the help of the flight's cabin crew, a Buraq Air employee, Amir Abu Sin, confirmed the news to CNN.

The new born baby boy is pictured in the arms of one of the cabin crew.

Image via CNN

In celebration of which, the airline said the newborn, who was named after the plane's captain, will be given free tickets for life

The mother decided to name her baby after the plane's caption, Abdul Baset, to recognise the cabin crew's effort in helping her deliver him.

Watch the video of the mid-air birth, here:

And his isn't the first baby born on a plane in recent times

Baby Haven, shortly after being born aboard the Cebu Pacific flight.

Image via Missy Berberabe Umandal/Facebook via The Guardian

The incredible story comes after a baby girl named Haven was born on a flight halfway from Dubai to Manila last month.

Back in August, a baby girl was born on a flight halfway from Dubai to Manila.

She was named 'Haven' and the airline, The Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific, awarded the baby girl with a rare birthday present: one million points, The Guardian reported.

And in June, a Saudi Arabian Airlines passenger jet had to make an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport after a woman gave birth mid-flight. In this case, though, there was no special birthday present awarded to the newborn.

Pilots and flight staff pose with the newborn baby born on the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight.

Image via SultanALFuraih1/Twitter via nzherald

Speaking of free flights, this couple had a time of their life when they got chance to enjoy a "private flight" with a commercial airline:

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